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A new collection of trendy styles introducing a groundbreaking finish

We're kicking off 2024 with fresh variations of our most popular styles. Zellige tiles are currently all the rage, and in response to this demand, we've expanded our selection, offering you more choices to customize your space and align with your preferred aesthetic.

finish zellige peel and stick backsplash tile smart tiles

Enter the Semi-gloss finish!

At Smart Tiles, we take pride in continuous innovation. Responding to requests for tiles with a less shiny appearance, we've formulated a new texture – Semi-gloss. The Zellige Fez and Zellige Zagora now showcase this innovative finish, adding an extra layer of realism that might even puzzle onlookers. Your guests will question whether they are real tiles, and the tactile experience won't give away the secret that they are, indeed, a peel-and-stick solution. With their soft, heart tones, they cater to those who love neutrals and a traditional aesthetic.

The Morocco collection now boasts matte options!

Four new models have joined the Morocco collection—Azla, Toulal, and Tangier—each featuring a completely matte finish that exudes luxury. With a soft touch, you'll appreciate them for their elevated quality and trendy shades. Additionally, we have introduced a soft grey shade in the traditional glossy finish, the Morocco Casa, perfect for neutral kitchens and bathrooms that you'll love.

Zellige tiles for daring decorators.

Can pink and black be considered neutrals? For some decorators, absolutely! The new Zellige Taroudant and Temera, in the traditional glossy finish, are ready to revitalize your design in 2024. Taroudant in deep charcoal brings elegance and drama, while Temera adds freshness, youth, and fun to any space.

The three distinct finishes of our peel-and-stick tiles once again position Smart Tiles a step above the rest. Choosing our innovative one-step tiling system has never been more enjoyable and simple.