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A Very Merry Boho Scandinavian Christmas

The bohemian style, better known as boho, continues to gain popularity in our homes. With its elements inspired by craftsmanship, various types of cultures and nature, it is difficult to resist! Although it started with bright colours and eclectic accessories, this year it is all about mixing it with the Scandinavian genre. For the holidays, get carried away by this relaxing and sophisticated trend! To create your own boho-Scandinavian Christmas decor, follow our tips below:

A Neutral Colour Palette

Boho Christmas decorImage source

Beige, white, golden tones: in terms of colour, it’s all about softness! Forget about red and green. This year, we are influenced by Scandinavian hues to create a welcoming, calm and chic mood.


Nature-Inspired Ornaments

bofo Christmas treeImage source

Do not hesitate to use Mother Nature as your own decoration supplier. Dried flowers and fruits, Pampas branches, rope, straw, wood, terracotta, adorn your Christmas tree with pretty and natural elements. Lacking ideas? A walk in the forest could be most rewarding!


Weaving and Macrame Designs

Image source

Macrame has made a huge comeback in the past year—after all, we all had to entertain ourselves while staying at home. Use this new crafty talent of yours (or your sister-in-law weaving skills) to decorate your house with small ornaments. Not only is it inexpensive, it’s also quite cute!


A Round Rug Under the Christmas Tree.

karina Högar studio rug

This holiday season, reward yourself with the ultimate gift: getting rid of the traditional “collecting needles“ garbage bag under the fir! Instead, replace it with a round Högar rug. It will add a boho touch to your living room AND make it easier for you to clean everything up at the end. Opt for a model with neutral colours and exquisite patterns, like the Karina, to keep your boho-Scandinavian vibe. Your tree will never have looked so chic!

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