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Celebrate Fall with Högar’s Antiquity Collection!

The trees are dotted with flaming yellow, bright orange and gorgeous red leaves. The air is cooler, people are wearing cozy sweaters, and the sun is going down earlier. There’s no doubt autumn is finally here! To celebrate fall, there’s nothing better than decorating your home. Why not add a little magic to the doorstep of your cozy nest? Our Antiquity rug collection is the perfect way to welcome in this wonderful season. Discover our suggestions for a festive decor!

Fall Wreaths

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Simple, inexpensive and undeniably heartwarming, the traditional wreath is always welcoming and is a timeless way to celebrate the equinox. While you can find several models in stores, why not make your own this year? Be creative! Pine cones, cotton stems or evergreen boughs are all it takes to get a great result. To put the finishing touch on your fall decor, add a Silvio rug to your doorstep. This modern model with black and white patterns adds a nice contrast to your wreath’s rustic look. They’re a great combo


Decorating your porch for fall

Fall porch

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Nothing is cuter than a little balcony display. This fall, use seasonal elements like pumpkins and potted flowers like fall daisies, Japanese anemones or echinacea. For colour balance, try our Matteo model. Its vintage design is reminiscent of the checked pattern that we love in the fall, only more refined!

Högar studio metteoMatteo


Get Your Layering Game On

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Layers aren’t only applicable to your fall wardrobe! You can also have fun layering your decor elements. Our Alberto rug, which is understated and elegant, is perfect for this concept! Choose a doormat in a nice natural fibre to layer on top. Add some squash and pumpkins around it, and voila!

Tapis Alberto Högar studioAlberto


Our Högar rugs do not only complement your autumn vibe, they are also highly practical! They’re water resistant to protect your floors and are easy to clean. Our products are made in the US, and these exceptional rugs are also dust mite resistant and hypoallergenic. You can lay them out indoors or outdoors.


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    ALBERTO 20" X 34"
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    SILVIO 20" X 34"
  3. Bathroom Decorative Vinyl Floor Mat black, grey and white Högar
    MATTEO 20" X 34"