Are your Hogar mats suitable for the bathroom?

Yes they are. They do have a anti-slip surface.

Can Hogar carpet be used outside?

Hogar mats are intended for both indoor and outdoor use. Covered patios or screened-in porches are preferable in outdoor settings to ensure that your carpet lasts a long time. Note that we do not recommend our carpets to be used near pools.

Can Hogar carpet puncture or tear?

While Hogar carpet is durable, it is not indestructible. Do not drag heavy furniture across it and be careful of stiletto heels or other sharp objects. Always use felt pads under table and chair legs.

Can Hogar carpets be used on hardwood or tile floors?

Yes, Hogar carpets is ideal for most flat surfaces. When used on tile with wide grout, please be aware that furniture legs or high heel shoes may puncture the carpet. Use caution! We do not recommend use on carpet, gravel, or any other uneven surface.

Can I place hot pots directly on a placemats or runner?

When placed directly, hot pots may damage the placemat/runner.

Can I use floor mats on floors with radiant heating systems?

Yes. Hogar mats can withstand up to 85°F/30°C from radiant heating systems.

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