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Five Ways to Win Halloween

Halloween is around the corner, and we all know this means little monsters will be showing up at our house. Whether you are giving away candies or simply love celebrating Halloween, here are some inspirations for successful decor. After all, enjoying this day can—and should!—be done in style!


Take All the Pumpkins!

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Dont you just love pumpkins! Quintessential fall symbols, pumpkins add the most charming rustic touch. For a cute decor, choose several pumpkins in various shapes and colors. They will be a huge “Hallowin” for Halloween! If you wish to complete this seasonal scenery, our Zenon model will provide an interesting contrast with its many patterns and colors.


A Skeleton… or Two!

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Halloween would not be the same without the morbid accessories. Get in the game and add a skeleton—or two!—to guard your door. Feeling mischievous? Here is how to take your setting a step further: sit your macabre guest on a chair next to our Enzo. This scenery would make Beetlejuice green with envy!


Twinkle, Twinkle credit


Who says fall, says darkness. Brighten up your front porch with loads of sparkling lights—whether you want to bring attention to your decorations or your house. Feeling chic? Embellish your decor with our elegant Albert rug. 


All About Chrysanthemums

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Chrysanthemums’ orange-yellow hues make them perfect allies for landscaping. Traditionally used on All Saints’ Day to flower the graves of the deceased, these flowers scream “Halloween”! Nothing is better than natural, seasonal elements to spruce up your balcony. Bonus: you will have the pleasure of smelling a flowery aroma!


A Welcoming Rug

Do not underestimate the power of a beautiful rug! Our Högar Antic rug collection will effortlessly draw attention to your doorstep. With their sublime neutral hues, our Högar Antic rugs playfully contrast with autumnal tones while adding the perfect finishing touch to your porch.

  1. Entrance Decorative Vinyl Floor Mat black and ivory Högar
    GRAZIA 20" X 34"