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How to Personalize Your Student & Professional Workspace

Autumn is almost here which means that it’s back-to-school season for many students. Whether you’re working from home, are a student, or even going to the office for work, it’s time to redesign your office. Decorative spaces allow for creative flow in the thought process for work. This can also help increase work productivity.

This guide will help you personalize your work desk!


Your floors don’t need to be bland. Flooring brings in just as much attention as the walls do, which is why you should decorate it for some fun flare. The Celestin Carpet from Högar Studio is the perfect solution to give a colorful touch to the room with its blue color! It’s water and scratch-resistant, it’s easy to clean, and you can use it to help with protecting your flooring.

Desk Office Vinyl Blue Carpet

Wall Grid Panel

Wall grid panels are perfect for bringing some color to your walls. These are often very cost-effective and versatile. With the grid, you can easily add accessories like pictures, postcards, or even fairy lights. You can customize this however you like and they’re a great way to bring your personality to your desk.

Wall Grid Panel


Small Plants

There are so many benefits to adding plants to your space. Bringing in that touch of nature in the form of plants helps with feeling less trapped in a space. These also help in reducing stress as well as increasing productivity. Some great ideas would be succulents, cacti, or a little peace lily. You can even accessorize your plants by putting them in colorful pots of different shapes. Time to give life to your workspace!

Small Plants Desk


Desk Organizer

What could be better than an organized office? There are plenty of cute but functional accessories that can be used in having a tidy chic space. It’s going to help you in remembering important tasks, save time, and increase your productivity. How about a boho calendar? Today is THE day! 

Desk organizer


Inspiring quotes

When you’re having a bad day or just lacking motivation, having some framed inspiring quotes can help with getting through the rest of the day. This can be very cost-effective as you could easily print off your favorite quotes online and purchase some cheap frames for these, or even have them attached to your grid panel! 

Inspiring Quotes Wall