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Make your entry hall winter friendly

There’s no denying it: summer is behind us, and with it, outdoor dinners and picnics at the park. Colder weather means spending more time at home, which is why it’s so important to style your home exactly the way you want it. Make this seasonal transition easier by transforming your hall in a welcoming oasis for you and your guests! Here are some suggestions that can make all the difference:

1. A bench for putting on and taking off boots

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There’s nothing more uncomfortable than putting on your boots while leaning against the wall, trying to keep your balance, or worse, sitting on the cold floor! A bench in the hall may take up more space, but its practicality will turn your relationship with your boots into a love story!

2. Baskets for storing accessories

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Whether you have a family or not, you already know: with fall and winter comes a whole new set of accessories to keep us warm. Hats, gloves, scarves… they’re small and tend to get lost easily. Not this year! Say goodbye to mismatched mittens by adding one or more baskets. You didn’t hear it from us, but it seems wicker is getting popular again.

3. Soften it with some greenery

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Plants instantly brighten up any space. Although the flower season has passed, that doesn't mean we should deprive ourselves! Decorate your entry hall with seasonal greenery such as a few fir branches cleverly placed in a pretty vase or even a small potted tree!

4.  Additional lighting

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The sun is setting earlier and earlier and we’re really noticing the lack of light. Rather than dreaming about beaches, consider installing more lamps or small lights in the hall. This little touch will inject tons of warmth!

5. Protect your floors!

Pablo rug

Salt, slush, mud: winter can be more than harsh on your flooring. To protect it, add a rug in your entryway—a practical choice with an aesthetic contribution. Högar not only offers an impressive variety of models, in an array of beautiful choices but also a long format (23.6” x 70.87”), which is ideal for hallways. Nothing is more attractive than a sublime rug to welcome you home.

  1. Entrance Decorative Vinyl Floor Mat black and white Högar
    PABLO 23.6" X 70.87"