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5 Decor Ideas For a Stunning Entryway

The entrance is the first and the last room you see when entering a house. It determines the "first impression". Therefore, it deserves to receive as much attention as the other rooms in the house. Entryways come in all shapes and sizes meaning you will need to get creative with how you want to decorate your space. You don’t need to be a designer or break the bank either to create an attractive space.

Here are five of our must-haves for creating a beautiful entryway.

1. The Charming Carpet

Adding something to the floor can make a huge difference to the overall feel of a space, plus it can just pull together all the decor around it. Doormats are suited to be outside, but how about getting something bigger and flashier for your entryway? If you want to make your space stand out from all the rest, then the vinyl carpet is a perfect choice. The Drake Carpet from Högar Studio will perfectly tie together all your furniture in the space. This unique form of carpet is designed to look like antique cement tiles with influences from southern Europe and North Africa. The texture, pattern, and soft blue and white color incorporated from the Drake Carpet will add interest and balance to the most basic backgrounds. 

Blue Vinyl Floor Mat Hogar Studio

2. Mirror on the Wall

Including a mirror in your entryway is an absolute must, this is considered one of the staples to any welcoming entryway. A decorative piece such as the Round Satin Black Mirror is perfect if you’re looking into creating a more contemporary modern space. A decorative round mirror such as this is perfect for creating a pleasing symmetrical look, plus it will amplify the natural light in the room as well. 

Entryway With Plants and Mirror

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3. Use Baskets as Storage

Often, space in an entrance hall is limited, so you have to maximize the storage space as much as possible. Storage baskets can be a good option to cover up the mess. A simple way to put them to use would be to stash them underneath the bench. They can be used for putting up items, like hats, mittens, purses, etc. Our favorite: a rustic beige basket.

Beige Basket Storage Entryway

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4. Let’s Take a Seat

Benches not only dress up your space but add extra functionality to the entryway. It will provide a convenient place to drop bags and take off shoes. For a modern look, you can opt for a wooden bench. And why not hang a round mirror just above the bench to add symmetry to the room?

Wooden Bench EntrywayPhoto credit 

If your style is more contemporary, a gorgeous mid-century bench will be perfect for your entryway! 

5. A Touch of life with Plants

Indoor plants add style to the interior design. They also bring life and warmth to a room. Plants such as Palm trees or the popular White Birds of Paradise can bring a fantastic addition to your entryway. With the right pot, it can blend in perfectly with the rest of your furniture, adding that finishing touch.

Green Plants Entryway

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We hope you find these ideas useful for styling your entryway. Visit the Home depot website to discover a multitude of items!