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FALLing for Simons x HOGAR STUDIO

Simons will bring you the best home collection this autumn. Their new beautiful one-of-a-kind decor will transform your space and create a gorgeous transition as summer fades into fall.

Here are our Simons favorites for fall to create a cozy space using textures and colors.

Creating texture in a space

Autumn is a transitional time for everyone as time slows down, the air turns cooler, and the green leaves turn to brown. Refreshing your room with the Simons Collection will allow you to beautifully layer your space by adding various textures.

moodboard Simons Hogar Home

Go Organic

Organic elements to a room give a feeling of calmness and make the entire space welcoming. Organic elements can come in many forms such as wooden furniture, raw geodes, greenery, and bright cushions. The trendy natural aesthetic of 100% cotton of this cushion, accented with geometric details in delicate chenille can help in bringing the whole space together. Throw cushions keep you comfortable in the cold autumns nights while maintaining a stunning appearance on your chair or sofa.

White Cushion Simons

Create depth in the walls

The beauty of wall decor is in the eye of the beholder. Incorporating this wall decor will bring a personalized statement through its abstract design and neutral tones that help prepare you for the fall. Trendy fall colors can be placed on the walls, like neutral tones such as brown, rustic orange, and olive green.

Wall decor Simons

Adding classiness with marble

Say hello to Angelo with Högar's very own marble-inspired carpet. This creates an economical way to achieve the sophisticated appearance of marble through the vinyl carpet. This will add a dash of timeless elegance to your décor. With this carpet, you will quickly jump on this stylish marble trend ;)   

Floor mat Marble

You can find all these items on the Simons website.